Melville Senior High School

A+ Independent Public School Review

In 2012 Melville SHS was granted Independent Public School (IPS) status. As an IPS school we have greater control over the overall governance of our school and using a one-line budget can employ the staff we feel best suit the current and emerging needs of our students.  Melville SHS has always attracted a high calibre of staff however, since being granted IPS status we are now able to better manage the recruitment and appointment of our teachers, ensuring that your child has the best possible education available.

Although we remain part of the public school system we have greater autonomy to manage our own affairs and develop strategies and functions that best cater to our community and above all our students.

In 2014 the school had its three-yearly IPS Review. The findings were fantastic and are well worth reading if you would like an overview of the school and the great things that are happening at all levels.

The 2014 IPS Review is HERE

The Summary of the Independent Review Findings is HERE

For further information on what it means to be an IPS school, please visit the Department of Education’s website: