Melville Senior High School


Connect is a learning management system the aim of which is to provide a secure internet service that will allow your child’s teacher to provide information about the teaching and learning activities occurring in their class directly to the parents of students in this class. Participation in Connect is optional for parents. If, as a parent of a student at Melville senior High School, you would like to take part you will require internet access and a computer.  No additional software is required. The Department of Education will issue you with a unique user name and password which will provide you with access to Connect.

Initially, Connect will allow your child’s teacher to provide general class information to you about the teaching and learning activities that his/her class are undertaking. In the future, the service may be further developed to allow more flexible communication between parents and teachers as well as providing personalised information about your child’s learning activities and progress.

In order for you to take part in Connect, please download the Conditions of Use form and, if you agree, please sign the Connect Registration for Parents form and return this to the school. You will then be confidentially issued with your unique user name and password as well as access details for Connect.

Download the Connect Registration Form HERE

Click HERE for a quick link to the Connect site.


Electronic Delivery of Student Formal Reports in 2018 

From Term 1 2018, parents of Year 7-12 students will be able to access electronic delivery of student reports from Connect. The first available report will be the 2018 Interim Progress Statement report which will be published on 9 March 2018 for years 7, 10, 11 and 12 students.

Electronic delivery will provide advantages for parents including the timely delivery of reports, the ability to easily provide copies of reports to each parent or guardian where dictated by family circumstances and the ability to retain a digital record of student achievement.

Parents use their existing parent account in Connect to access student formal reports.

Parent access can be tracked to ensure parents receive either an electronic or hardcopy of the formal report.

Parents will need to be provisioned into Connect to have access to student reports.  Clicking on the link on the parent page will download the report as a PDF file.

The following image illustrates the parent view of student reports in Connect. 

If you previously haven’t completed the Connect Registration for Parents application a copy is available for download HERE. Please complete and return to the School Administration for processing.