Melville Senior High School

iPad Program


Students at Melville Senior High School will be expected to bring their own iPad. Other devices such as Notebook computers, tablets and smart phones cannot be substituted due to technical reasons.

Graphic Design Media Specialist Program students may have different computer requirements and will be advised separately.

Any recent model of iPad is considered acceptable for use at Melville Senior High School, from the iPad2, to the latest iPad Air and iPad mini.

A Bring Your Own Connectable E-Device Acceptable Use Policy Agreement must be signed by all parents and students when enrolment has been accepted. The form is here:
Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

Your BYO iPad may be purchased from a supplier of your own choice.  However, Winthrop Australia offer a tailored school package for purchase of the recommended iPads and the recommended Apple Mac Pro for the Graphic Design Media specialist program. Click on the following link to access their portal: . This company has been made aware of what we are doing at Melville and we are assured will offer the best possible price (however certain discount stores may beat their price on the day!). Also all bundles include extended warranty and some include accidental damage coverage.

 It is also recommended that the iPad or MacBook your child brings to school is insured and that the Apple Care Warranty is purchased. Winthrop Australia also offers insurance at point of sale. A strong protective case should also be purchased for the iPad. Parents or students will need an iTunes account to access the Apps store and some selected apps will be required as part of the program.

 At the beginning of the school year, your son/daughter will receive a Bring Your Own iPad, Connectable Device Program Policy and Information Booklet. Please read and sign the Acceptable Use Policy and return the tear off form to the school front office in the drop box provided.

 If you require further information on this initiative please contact the ICT & Learning Resource Centre Coordinator Ms Deirdre Lewis, by phoning 6274 1300.