Melville Senior High School

Our Vision


Melville Senior High School is the school of choice for our local and wider community.

In achieving our vision Melville Senior High School:

  • Provides a distinctive, comprehensive education.
  • Delivers strong academic and vocational pathways.
  • Implements effective pastoral care programs.
  • Ensures all students are given the opportunity to become confident, innovative and successful learners.
  • Supports students in the process of defining themselves as they prepare to meet the challenges of the future and contribute positively to our society. 


Our purpose at Melville Senior High School is to graduate confident, innovative and successful citizens prepared to contribute positively to our society. 

To achieve our purpose Melville Senior High School:

  • Provides a world class education through high quality teaching.
  • Provides pathways recognising that each student is an individual who will explore different opportunities that require differentiated educational experiences.
  • Creates partnerships with our parents/carers, the broader community, the primary schools in our learning corridor and with post-secondary education providers to facilitate optimum learning opportunities for our students and staff.
  • Engages the community in defining our future directions.
  • Embraces a supportive and caring pastoral care system, recognising that close attention to the needs, welfare and development of students and staff forms the foundation of a safe, friendly and successful learning environment. 


    At Melville Senior High School we value:

    • Learning.  We have a positive approach to learning and as adaptive, lifelong learners, encourage it in others. We address student learning needs with the belief that all students have the capacity to achieve success. 
    • Excellence. We have high expectations of our students and ourselves.  We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them.  The standards and expectations challenge all of us to give our best in pursuit of our individual and school-based goals.
    • Equity.  We recognise the differing circumstances and needs of our students and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for all.  We ensure a workplace and learning environment that is free of discrimination, abuse or exploitation.
    • Care and Respect.  We treat individuals with care and respect.  Our relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility and we recognise their importance in establishing a positive and connected school community. 
    • Inclusivity.  We embrace our multi-cultural school population by encouraging an appreciation, understanding and respect for diversity, as part of our comprehensive educational program.
    • Partnerships.  We recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents/carers, the wider community and colleagues in providing a quality education for our students.  We also recognise that effective partnerships are based on positive communication and a shared responsibility for the education of the students at our school.
    • Collaboration.  We understand the importance of maintaining a collaborative working environment in our classrooms, learning areas and across our school to build shared purpose and commitment to the achievement of successful outcomes for our students, staff and parents/carers.


    Teaching and Learning is at the heart of our purpose at Melville Senior High School.  As the school of choice for our local and wider community our staff provide students with the opportunity to excel in a teaching and learning environment that is engaging, dynamic and purposeful.

    Teachers at our school are committed to the creation of a teaching and learning environment that supports all students to engage in their learning and to become confident, innovative and successful learners.  We have developed an approach to teaching and learning that supports all students to achieve their goals and to meet their future challenges.

    Our approach to teaching and learning practice is aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and is communicated more specifically through our Teaching and Learning Framework. This framework reflects the shared beliefs of our staff about high quality teaching and professional practice.  More specifically, the framework communicates through seven (7) key pillars (our ‘Pillars of Pedagogy’) the actions and behaviour that will guide teacher practice at our school to ensure the success of every student. 

    The seven (7) pillars of our Teaching and Learning Framework (our ‘Pillars of Pedagogy’) include:

    1. Aligning curriculum and assessment.
    2. Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with high expectations for engagement and achievement.
    3. Establishing and maintaining a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment.
    4. Engaging, innovative and differentiated curriculum and teaching (pedagogy).
    5. A commitment to lifelong learning.
    6. Ongoing reflection, analysis and change.
    7. Building and maintaining successful partnerships.