Melville Senior High School

School Board Profiles

As an Independent Public School Melville SHS now operates under the governance of a School Board. 

Appointment to the School Board is open to a wide cross section of community representatives along with parents and friends of the school and is via nomination. The School Board meets once or twice per term and provides financial oversight and advice on strategic direction. The School’s Business Plan and Annual Report are submitted for approval at the School Board’s Annual General Meeting.


Our School Board for 2017 consists of the following members:




Mark Brookes

Bsc, Grad Dip Ed


Roleystone Community College

I have a strong belief in public education, being education for all and that a strong public education system leads to a strong and vibrant community. Melville SHS - supporting students and education aligns with my philosophy that every student can progress and that progress is the responsibility of the teachers in their school. Only through the development of high quality teachers, such as those at Melville SHS, can our students achieve to their full potential.


Jonathon Gayton

MM, Grad Dip Bus(Shipping), MBA

 Lecturer, Maritime Operations

South Metropolitan TAFE

I am 50 years older than my son; I have to accept that I will not be able to support him as he develops his career. The best legacy I can leave him is the best education I can provide for him. I firmly believe that the best education comes from a committed partnership between the student, the school and the student's family. To ensure my son's education, and by extension every other MSHS students' education, I will do everything I can to make MSHS the best school it can be.




Professor Stephen Ritchie

BEd, MAppSc, Phd

Dean, School of Education

Murdoch University

Murdoch University is delighted to partner with Melville SHS in providing high quality learning experiences locally with global impact. Translational research that informs best practice underpins Murdoch's contribution to our partnership. The School of Education is well known for its continuing support for teachers through Mondays@Murdoch free seminars, vacation school programs, and formal postgraduate degrees.