Melville Senior High School

Year 7s Starting High School

Melville SHS will be a warm, inviting environment for Year 7 students and we are very much looking forward to the chance to educate your children.

The difference between primary and high school can seem vast and Melville is keen to make the transition for your child seamless.  While most students will find the shift exciting, a few will no doubt find high school quite different. Our job is to make the process of adjusting as safe and comfortable as possible.

At Melville our teachers, the student services team and the school executive have already spent many hours researching and developing initiatives to make the transition process smooth and educationally rewarding.

Parents are welcome to attend a school tour with prospective students to see the school in action and give them an idea of what to expect. There are two tours each term and the dates are outlined on the website.

Transition Day 

An Information Pack will be handed out at the Transition Days in Term 4. 

Uniform Price List and Canteen Menu are found HERE
The Information Handbook and Student Engagement Policy are found HERE

Contributions and Charges

Student Contributions and Charges are posted in early December. Please note that some programs and options have added compulsory costs attached. These costs are listed in the Subject Selection Handbook and are due to be paid early in Term 1 2018

The Course Handbook for Year 7 subjects is found HERE. The courses avalable and prices change each year.

Year 7 Coordinators and Teachers

At Melville SHS the move into high school will give students access to the specialist facilities and teachers needed to succeed with the new Western Australian Curriculum. These facilities will include science labs, graphic design media, arts, woodwork, metalwork and sporting facilities.

At Melville Year 7 students will undertake a high school timetable with four sessions (four hours) a week of Maths, Science, English and Humanities/Social Sciences. They will then typically study a language, Health and Physical Education and electives from Technologies or Arts. It is anticipated that Specialist Programs, Aviation, Netball and Graphic Design Media as well as Music in Focus will be offered for two hours per week in Year 7, shifting to four hours in Years 8.

A dedicated Year 7 coordinator will assist with transition and will closely liaise with the Year 7 teachers in addition to providing a point of contact for parents.

Organisation and Homework

To assist in the different level of study needed in high school, all students and parents will be given a course outline showing what is expected for each subject.  Skills in how to organise and coordinate study and homework will be outlined early in the year in homeroom classes.

Year 7s are expected to complete homework nightly for each subject taught that day.  This should be approximately one hour per night, five nights a week.  We currently have exams in Years 7-12 and would expect exam preparation to commence in Year 7.

Pastoral Care and Orientation

Over the last few years Melville SHS has had local primary students attend specialist classes on site studying Science and Aviation courses.  These students quickly become accustomed to high school and specialist lessons.  They have found the classes and the environment to be stimulating, fun and educationally rewarding.

There is a dedicated transition program for Year 7s coming to Melville SHS that includes:

- Parent and student information nights
- Transition Day for where new students attend the school for the day at the end of Year 6
- An orientation program with an altered timetable for the first week
- Student Services staff will coordinate lunchtime activities to get students together allowing relaxation between classes
- Orientation week in term 1 with lots of fun activities and ‘getting to know you’ exercises will further assist with the transition.

Our high school is bigger than your child’s primary school, with approximately 1,400 students.  Although the Year 7s will be integrated within the school so they can access specialist classrooms and facilities, they will also have a dedicated area for lunch and recess.  This will include dedicated handball and basketball facilities, as well as a beautiful garden in which to relax.

Students at Melville SHS come from across most of the south metropolitan area as well as overseas.  If your child does not know anyone or is apprehensive, the school is used to dealing with these uncertainties and will be able to assist them to make friends with the many students who are in a similar situation.

Gifted and Talented and Approved Specialist Programs

See information on the Gifted and Talented program, Approved Specialist programs (Aviation, Netball and Graphic Design Media) and school based Focus programs (Music and Academic Extension). They are available to Year 7 students upon gaining entry through exams, audition and/or trials taken in Year 5 and 6. The exams trials and/or interviews are conducted in Term 1 prior to the year of high school commencement. More information is available HERE.

The Specialist programs mentioned above will be taught for two sessions (2 hours) per week and increase to four sessions in Years 9 and 10.

Find Out More

Prepare your child for High School HERE

High school is a time where your child will undergo rapid changes.  Articles on parenting ideas are available HERE.  At Melville SHS we have a great team of compassionate, highly skilled staff who will make it their business to look after the individual needs of your child.

Please consult the Melville SHS website calendar HERE to find out details of our next school tour so you can arrange a visit to see our facilities and ask questions about your child’s transition to high school first hand.  The more you know, the less you will worry!

Contact Details

Reception: (08) 6274 1300
Absentee hotline (recorded message): (08) 6274 1322
Student Services Office: (08) 6274 1321
Absentee text line: 0419 915 097
Address: Melville Senior High School
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