Melville Senior High School

Melanie Brown

Graduated: 2015

Time at Melville: It was one of the most enriching times of my life, as I got to experience things I never had before. I was able to take part in projects such as Write a Book in a Day, and excursions including learning animation at Sci Tech, and science camp.

Most Memorable Moment: My favourite moment would be when we went to science camp that was out in the country. There was a really high tower that had a lean so it didn’t blow over that we got to drop water balloons off of as an experiment.  I was so terrified but it was so satisfying watching the balloon fall. It was just such a unique experience.

Life After School: - I am now studying nursing at the University of Notre Dame, where I have my normal exams, but also practical experience, such as in aged care.

Contact Details

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