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Flawless Independent Public School Four Yearly Review

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As an Independent Public School, Melville SHS recently had a four yearly review. The Department of Education Services’ review findings had many highlights and commendations and here are a few highlights:
    •    The school takes the wellbeing of students very seriously.
    •    Caring and supportive environment
    •    Motivated staff.
    •    Drive to improve student learning.
    •    Student achievement compared to national, State and like schools that places the school above average in all target areas.
    •    Close links to the community
    •    Strong emphasis on specialist subjects for academically gifted.
    •    Strategies to improve the quality of teaching.
    •    Comprehensive and detailed self-review.
    •    Wide range of specialist programs offering state-of the-art innovative curricula.
    •    Rigorous use of evidence-based data to improve student performance.
    •    Innovative approach to educational ideas.
    •    Prepared for the new intake of  Year 7 students in 2015
    •    Excellent academic and non-academic program.
    •    Ultimate focus on improving student learning.
    •    Effective communication.
    •    In a good position to sustain and improve its performance.

The full review can be found on the website in the drop down tab: About Us / An Independent Public School

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