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Student Services exists to provide support to students, staff and parents in order to facilitate the academic, social, psychological, physical and vocational development of students to help them become capable and happy young adults.

Student Services Office - 6274 1321



Student Services Deputy

Ms Stephanie McDonald



School Psychologists

Ms Deb Manook (Senior School)



Ms Kylie Mathieson (Middle School)  

Community Health Nurses

Ms Jill Dykes



Ms Manju Wilson  

School Chaplain

Reece Frank



Student Services Manager (Middle School)

Ms Jacquie Bogunovich



Coordinator of Year 7

Mr Ben Leech



Coordinator of Year 8

Mr Joshua Barker



Coordinator of Year 9

Mr Sam Glazbrook



Coordinator of Year 10

Ms Yasmin Blair



Coordinator of Year 11

Ms Jane Ayres



Student Services Manager
(Senior School) & Coordinator of Year 12

Ms Sandy Olney Thurstun



AIEO Aboriginal Ed Officer

Mrs Michelle Kickett



Learning Support Coordinator

Ms Yolanda Cool



Please include the child's name, year, and reason for absence.To alert the school of your child's absence, please use one of the following numbers.

Absentee Hotline (Recorded Message) 6274 1322
Text Number 0419 915 097