Melville Senior High School

Getting to School and Buses

School Traffic and Parking Bottle necks

With the increase in numbers of students attending Melville Senior High School, parking difficulties and traffic jams are worsening. What can be done to ease your congestion?
Parents who drop off:
•   If you drive along Leach Hwy off consider dropping students south in Winnacott St at the overpass. Students must use the footbridge and you can avoid the traffic in Potts St.
•   If you drive via Marmion St, make the drop off a few blocks from the school to avoid traffic right outside the school.
•   The staff car park CANNOT be entered to drop students at school.
•   Encourage walking, riding or bus.
Why not drop your child at one of the bus stops? Most of the buses drop the students outside the school or at the overpass so they don’t have to cross a single road.

A map of where the above drop off points are is HERE


A SmartRider Application is HERE

Many students use the good public transport routes to get to school
The buses leave from:
•   Fremantle Station (via Marmion St)
     or via Watkins St, White Gum Valley    
•   Bull Creek Train Station (via Leach Hwy Winthrop and Booragoon    
•   Munster (via Marvell Ave, Newton St, Rockingham Rd Spearwood/Carrington St Hamilton Hill and Hilton)
     or via Marmion St Booragoon and Melville
•   Canning Bridge Como (via Reynolds Mt Pleasant, Coomoora Rd and Davy St
     Booragoon/ Northlake Rd Myaree/ Winnacott\ St Willagee)
•   Kwinana/Spearwood (Rockingham Rd/ Connects with bus from Munster)

Information on Timetabling can be found at TransPerth HERE.

Riding Bikes

•    Bike racks are available within school grounds, gated during school hours
•    Please remind students to ride safely and follow road rules.

Contact Details

Reception: (08) 6274 1300
Absentee hotline (recorded message): (08) 6274 1322
Student Services Office: (08) 6274 1321
Absentee text line: 0419 915 097
Address: Melville Senior High School
Potts Street
Melville Western Australia 6156