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Student Services Centre

Student Services Team

The Student Service Centre has been set up to provide assistance for students who may be experiencing academic, vocational, social, emotional or health concerns.

The team consists of the Deputy Principal of Student Services, Manager Student Services (Senior School), Manager Student Services (Middle School), Year Coordinators, Psychologist (Senior School), Psychologist (Middle School), the Community Health Nurse, AIEO (Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer), the School Chaplain, Learning Support Coordinator, and Attendance Officers.

The Managers of Student Services (Senior School and Middle School) coordinate and manage the Student Services team. 

Managers work collaboratively with teaching and non-teaching staff, families and the wider education community to promote positive behaviour, excellent attendance and assist the welfare and social/emotional needs of our students.

Year Coordinators - Each year group has a coordinator who leads their cohort of students; assisting with social, emotional, welfare, attendance, academic and behavioural concerns. Year Coordinators provide advice to teachers and Heads of Learning Area to cater for the changing needs of students by being a conduit between parents, teachers and external support agencies. Year Coordinators follow their group from Year 7 to Year 11, where leadership is then passed onto the Manager Student Services Senior School/Year 12 Coordinator who has an intricate knowledge of the pathways to WACE achievement and who has nurtured many cohorts of Year 12’s through this pivotal time.

AEIO Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer
 – The AIEO caters to the academic, attendance and pastoral care needs of our Aboriginal students as well as advising on cultural matters at the school.

Chaplain – The school chaplain is an integral part of the Student Services team. The chaplain provides pastoral care to students, parents and staff.

Community Nurse – The Health Centre is located in the Student Services area. The role primarily is health promotion and education and first aid to students on campus - for more information, please click here. The Action Plans for Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reactions are found at:

ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reactions - See more at:
ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reactions - See more at:

ASCIA - Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy: Click Here


School Psychologist – The school psychologists are available (by appointment) for consultation with students and parents. The psychologist assists with the areas of behaviour management, complex social/emotional concerns, students with special needs, problem solving strategies and evaluation of education programs.

Learning Support Coordinator - Provides support to teachers in providing teaching and learning adjustments for students with diagnosed learning disabilities and difficulties. The LSC meets with parents and students to discuss the specific needs of the child and aids in the development of a personalised learning program where appropriate.

All Student Services support staff are located in the Student Services Centre located off the Lower School Quad.

Contact Details

Reception: (08) 6274 1300
Absentee hotline (recorded message): (08) 6274 1322
Student Services Office: (08) 6274 1321
Absentee text line: 0419 915 097
Address: Melville Senior High School
Potts Street
Melville Western Australia 6156