Melville Senior High School

Initial Concept

Chris Nixon and Haylee Fieldes (Fieldey)

Our mural concept draws reference from the Melville Senior High School site and is inspired by the theme related to equality - Balance. We’ve chosen to explore the positive side of equality, representing the School’s place in shaping the students future. The site inspired us to create two sides to the narrative, honouring the past, while shaping the future, with Melville SHS acting as the line in the middle or perhaps seen as the vessel carrying the students, creating a bridge between the past and future opportunities. The left figure is honouring the past, looking backwards yet steering to the future learning from past experience, whereas the figure on the right is taking opportunity and the future in their hands. Stylistically, this shows a balance between Chris and Haylee’s styles, as we navigate looser forms and contrast with tighter geometric patterns and graphic treatments - referencing the influence of mathematics and economics in the AIR project, Artometry

Concept Drawing:


This Artist-in-Residence Grants Program project has been assisted by the Federal Government through the Australia Council for the Arts and the Western Australian State Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts and Department of Education.