Melville Senior High School

Island Crove

Jioji Nawanawa, Marc Panaguiton, Junghyeon (Lloyd) Na       

We decided to address the theme of equality and inequality based on the Yin-Yang symbol and reconstructed this symbol to represent the balance and co-existence of differing forces in our world. We really wanted something strong and powerful, so we picked totems of the dove and a crow. The dove is a universal symbol for peace, nurturing and purity. The crow an archetype of the trickster, and also represents the mysterious and the power of sight. The rivalry and balance of the crow and the dove placed into the yin and yang symbol representing the precarious balance of equality through out the world and the coexistence of these side by side.

Concept Drawing:


This Artist-in-Residence Grants Program project has been assisted by the Federal Government through the Australia Council for the Arts and the Western Australian State Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts and Department of Education.