Melville Senior High School


Roydon Elliott, Sam Berg, Rafael Sumodisastro

Our work titled ‘JUSTICE’ includes elements from the Greek mythos such as Themis the Greek goddess of Justice and Atlas the bearer of the Earth. The hand of Atlas is holding a globe which features a quote from Themis herself “The divine justice impartial by thought but corrupted by man”. This is shown translated into numerous languages to represent diversity, appearing in Ancient Greek and Latin in the mandala pattern. The centre includes three symbols that also represent Themis; the blindfold (justice is blind), the scales (to weigh justice), sword (justice is swift). Atlas’ hands are crumbling from the weight of the globe as it cracks under the pressure, this could signify the weight of justice is too heavy to bear or perhaps justice is corrupt. As a group we have decided to leave this open for interpretation.

Concept Drawing:



This Artist-in-Residence Grants Program project has been assisted by the Federal Government through the Australia Council for the Arts and the Western Australian State Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts and Department of Education.