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English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D)

The English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) course in the WACE is available to recently arrived migrant students for whom English is a second language. Indigenous learners for whom Standard Australian English (SAE) is a second dialect are also eligible to enrol in the EAL/D units.  The course is designed to facilitate the achievement of four outcomes based on the mainstream English and LOTE outcomes in the Curriculum Framework. Course outcomes relate to competency in the areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading/Viewing and Writing. The course offers three stets of paired units at increasingly complex language levels: Stage 1 A/B/C/D, Stage 2 2A/B and Stage 3/B.

This course enables students to follow a TEE or non-TEE pathway throughout years 11 and 12. The units enable students to continue to learn and develop their English skills whilst at the same time, provides a range of tasks that foster Australian cultural, historical and lifestyle understandings. Students engage with a range of texts across genres and language modes that are relevant, topical and enable students to examine pertinent, social and political issues. For non-TEE learners this course is excellent in preparing them for secondary graduation and achievement of the WACE. For TEE students this course is quite rigorous but enables students to compete and be assessed against other students whose use of SAE is restricted giving these learners a more equitable chance at achieving a suitable ATAR score.