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Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education Learning Area outcomes are linked to the progressive development of a healthy, active lifestyle for students. Students progress throughout their schooling to achieve higher levels of skills and knowledge about influences that enable the attainment of healthy active lifestyles. Students also utilise time in the Health and Physical Education Learning area to develop self management skills, which are based on informed decision making. Central to the ongoing education of each student is the development of interpersonal skills for the establishment and maintenance of effective relationships in life.

Although students do demonstrate attitudes and values with increasing complexity over time, it is difficult to describe a developmental sequence for the measurement of attitudes and values that students hold and demonstrate toward achieving a healthy, active lifestyle. The Health and Physical Education Learning Area encourages and monitors the values each student places on achieving a healthy, active lifestyle.

Outcomes linked with the Health and Physical Education Learning Area are predominantly addressed through learning in such areas as Health Education, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Sport and Dance.

Melville SHS has a dedicated staff who enable students to participate in a great variety of sports, both in school time and after school. See the Specialist Netball Program tab for details on our specialist sport and see below for examples of activities in which a large number of students participate.

Interschool Sport Medical Form

The link below is to a medical form intended for the use of students participating in Interschool sports. The information is required for each student attending any sporting event. It will assist the school and supervising teachers in the preparation, planning and safe conduct of the excursion.

Please email the form to or alternatively, click the 'Submit Form' button on the top of the document.

At the moment, this form will be kept on record for and Health and Physical Education excursions only.

You can find the form HERE.

Activity Examples

All School Activities

  • House Swimming Carnivals
  • House Athletics Carnivals
  • House Touch Rugby

Interschool Sporting Teams

  • Interschool Lightning Carnivals
  • Singapore Netball Tour
  • South West Netball Tour
  • High School Cup Netball: 6 teams
  • Interschool Swimming B Division
  • Interschool Athletics Carnival - A Division
  • Interschool Cross Country
  • AFL: Junior and Senior
  • Touch Rugby: Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys, Senior Girls
  • Soccer: Junior Boys, Senior Girls, Senior Boys, Junior Girls
  • Basketball: Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys
  • Hockey: Junior and Senior mixed teams
  • Years 8-10 Interschool Badminton Competition