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Humanities and Social Sciences

The Humanities and Social Sciences learning area develops students’ understandings of how and why individuals and groups live together; how they interact with and within their environment; manage resources; and create institutions and systems.

Students gain understanding that over time these relationships and interactions may change to varying degrees. Students develop these understandings through processes of social inquiry, environmental appraisal, ethical analysis and the skills to constructively critique various perspectives from past and present contexts. Students are encouraged to apply their understandings and skills in their own lives, in developing environmental consciousness, social competence and civic responsibility

HASS involves the study of History, Geography, Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship.

In HASS students will investigate and learn about:

  • the environment and how humans impact on it
  • sustainability
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and history
  • Asia
  • Australian political systems
  • Australia’s role in modern history
  • National and international economic systems

Studying Humanities and Social Sciences helps students understand how particular social, cultural, economic and environmental events from throughout history define peoples' life experiences. Knowledge of these events helps students to develop the ability to contribute to our culturally diverse society as reasonable and informed citizens.

Whilst studying HASS students will also be able to investigate these ideas and events through a rich learning experience. Students will learn relevant concepts and ideas from people renowned in their fields of expertise, thus ensuring an interesting and diverse teaching and learning experience in HASS at Melville Senior High School.