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Intensive English Centre (IEC)

Melville SHS hosts an Intensive English Centre, which has a highly diverse student population with young people from different countries, cultures and language backgrounds.  Students who enrol in the MIEC have arrived with either minimal or no exposure to the English language or have developed beginning or intermediate English language skills.

One common desire shared amongst all students here is to learn English and become familiar with the Australian culture and lifestyle. The English program runs over two semesters with most students entering into the ‘Beginner’ Program in Semester 1 then moving onto the ‘Transition to Mainstream’ English Program in Semester 2.

The IEC program is especially helpful at preparing newly arrived international students for a successful integration into mainstream studies.  We also have a strong ‘ESL Support Program’ in the mainstream for exiting IEC students. These students work with qualified ESL Teachers in the areas of Society and Environment and English during Years 8-10 ensuring their  special language learning needs are well catered for in Melville’s mainstream environment. Along with this Melville SHS offers both International and IEC students the English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) Curriculum Council course pathway throughout Years 11 and 12. This specialist English course is particularly significant for those students wishing to follow a Tertiary Entrance (TE) pathway.