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Benvenuti!  Huānyíng  Welcome!

Melville Senior High School provides students with the opportunity to study one of two languages.

Italian (Years 7-12) - Italian Second Language and General Italian units 1-4
Chinese (Years 7-12) - Chinese Second Language, Chinese Background Language, Chinese First Language, General Chinese Units 1-4.


The courses have been designed to cater for the needs of the beginner through to those who are fluent speakers.  All students regardless of their ability will be offered extension activities through a range of stimuli in order to foster their aptitude and enrich their learning outcomes as well as extension classes. Learning a language is compulsory in Years 7 and 8.  There is also a 10% bonus awarded to a student’s final ATAR score if they study an ATAR Language through to Year 12.  The growing need for Australians to learn a second language has been addressed in the National Curriculum and Melville Senior High School strongly promotes foreign language learning.

In Languages, we believe that knowing an additional language empowers and provides the ability to communicate with many people, therefore eroding barriers of communication.  As we continue to promote this, we wish to share the many wonderful items the languages students become involved in.

Students are engaged via a wide range of learning activities designed to stimulate and encourage students. Some of the programs incorporated into the language courses are excursions to authentic restaurants and culture- practicing localities, cooking lessons and culinary workshops, foreign film festivals, language games, native speakers, art and craft presentations, regional sporting activities, IT access, travel and exchange programs, competitions and online language based tutorials.

A biannual exchange program exists with our students travelling to China to visit our Sister school, No. 7 School in Hangzhou. Students saw hands-on the mesh of cultures, established new friendships and cultural links that they will continue to develop and experience as part of their studies through the opportunities available to them at Melville Senior High School.  There is also preliminary planning for a potential cultural immersion tour to the exquisite and amazing parts of Italy in September 2017 for Italian studies students. Art, language, geography, cuisine, history, sport, everyday living, adventure and romantic icons are just a few areas students will study.

Our enthusiastic staff are great ambassadors for language learning and their passion to promote languages in each child and the wider community is infectious! 

Join us to open your world to Languages.  There is so much to gain!