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Mathematics is the universal language shared by all humans, irrespective of culture, religion, gender and age. As such, an understanding of mathematics creates opportunities for and enriches the lives of all people. Mathematics provides students with invaluable skills and resources that are essential to success in ones’ personal, academic and civic life.  The applications of mathematics are relevant across a diverse range of fields including, engineering, medicine, business, finance social and natural sciences.

 The importance of Mathematics is reflected in the quality of Melville Senior High School’s teaching program and the academic excellence and achievement of its students. The Australian Mathematics Curriculum encompasses Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Melville Senior High School adds sophistication and value to this curriculum by nurturing students’ mathematical understanding, logical reasoning, analysis and problem-solving skills in an interactive, stimulating and exciting environment. Additionally, theschool provides an extensive range of extra-curricular programmes including:


  • The “Have Sum Fun” competition – This is an exciting, state-wide mathematics competition through the Mathematical Association of WA. It is offered to our Year 7 to 12 students and provides the opportunity to expand their mathematical skills. 
  • The Australian Mathematics Competition – This is an international competition also offered to our Year 7 to 12 students. It is an enriching opportunity that allows our students to enhance and evolve their mathematical problem solving skills via an international platform.
  • Literacy and Numeracy Week – During this week, enjoyable and academically stimulating mathematics-based activities are organised for all students, with fun prizes to be won.
  • Homework classes – Homework tutorials for ATAR and lower school Mathematics subjects are offered to all students before, during and after school hours. This provides our students with additional guidance and support in a warm and friendly small classroom setting.
  • Mathematics Extension programme – This provides challenging and stimulating mathematics teaching that caters to our advanced students.

Melville Senior High School takes pride in the excellence and quality of their Mathematics program. At Melville, we enrich and expand on the Australian Mathematics Curriculum by providing our students with sophisticated teaching methods that are supplemented with a diverse range of stimulating extra-curricular programs. Our Mathematics staff encourage our students to become self-motivated, confident learners through active participation in challenging and engaging experiences.