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Melville Learning Centre (MLC)

Melville Learning Centre (MLC) is a school focus program available to Melville Senior High School students from Years 8 to 12 who are eligible for Schools Plus Funding combined with specific learning needs. There is a seamless flow for students as they progress through the Middle School Years (7, 8 & 9) to the Senior School Years (10, 11 &12).

Local intake:
unfortunately due to current student numbers Melville Learning Centre has the ability to only offer places to in-boundary students.  If you are unsure if you are within the boundary for Melville Senior High School please email Janelle Cahoon on:, with the students home address details and this information can be provided.

The MLC program promotes a learning culture where students are enthused and equipped to achieve success. The program focuses on developing students’ skills to make safe and sensible decisions for themselves at school, at home and in the community.  Below is an outline of the current MLC program in both the Middle School and Senior School programs.

Melville Senior High School is proud and passionate about MLC and its’ students.  Staff collaborate together respectfully and know they are making a difference.  MLC staff enjoy the challenge of striving for excellence. 

Enrolment Conditions: 

MLC provides an integrated educational program for students from the local intake area.  Entrance into the unit is case by case as determined by a panel chaired by the School Psychologist and includes the MLC Teacher-in-Charge and the Deputy Principal Middle School (representing the Principal).  Each student and their individual placement within the MLC is reviewed on a yearly basis as well as at any identified point of need.


MLC – Middle School (Years 7, 8 & 9)

Our Year 7, 8 and 9 programs have a strong academic focus where students work in small groups to study the core curriculum areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Society and Environment.  If an individual student has strength in a particular core learning area there is the option of studying this subject in a mainstream class.  Student timetables are tailored to each individual student. 

All MLC students attend mainstream elective classes and study these subjects with their peers. Please refer to the wide range of subjects on offer within this handbook, for available mainstream subjects. 

To ensure students have the opportunity to develop skills to achieve an independent and prosperous life after school, students access a range of services and activities out in the community. Community Access during the middle school years focuses on three key areas: shopping and cooking; recreation in our community and leisure in our community.  During these middle school years transport training is also introduced, through a program developed in collaboration with Transperth.

Being situated in a mainstream high school, students are able to take part in all school events offered to students. MLC staff support students’ involvement in whole school and year group activities such as: Year 7 & 8 Camp, Sport Carnivals, Assemblies, Incursions, and Excursions.

MLC– Senior School Years (10,11 & 12)

There is a seamless flow for students as they progress through the Middle School Years (7-9) to the Senior School Years (10-12).

In the Senior School Years MLC offers courses geared to industry needs and work choices which prepares students for Post School Options including: entry into further study, entry to the workforce and transitioning to an independent and prosperous life after school.

As a general application MLC students are not working towards the ‘West Australian Certificate of Education’, WACE.  (*Please see notes below for exceptions to this application.)  Instead MLC students are working towards achieving a ‘Statement of Academic Achievement’ with as much depth and breadth as achievable for each individual student.

To meet the individual learning needs of a range of students who attend MLC we offer a combination of Preliminary and Foundation Courses.  Students who wish to study General Courses are required to enrol into these within the mainstream program.

Preliminary courses provide a relevant option for students who require modified and /or independent education plans. Preliminary courses are designed for students who have been identified as having a recognised disability under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, and who meet the above criteria.

MLC - Senior School Students may study:

  • English Preliminary Course
  • Mathematics Preliminary Course
  • Health and Physical Education Preliminary Course
  • Visual Arts Preliminary Course and/or CUV10111 Certificate I in Visual Art

Foundation courses are for students who have not met the minimal standard for WACE in English and Mathematics but are working towards.  These courses are at a higher level then Preliminary and therefore this may be a challenge for some MLC students.  The learning content of the Foundation Course being offered is the key focus, not the individual student grade outcome.

MLC - Senior School Students may study:

  • Career and Enterprise Foundation Year 11 Syllabus Course
  • Health and Physical Education Foundation Course Year 11 Syllabus Course

Note: *MLC students who wish to achieve their WACE are required to enrol in the mainstream English and Mathematics program in a General or Foundation Course depending on OLNA achievement.

VET Industry Specific Courses

The VET Industry Specific General Course provides students with the opportunity to achieve nationally recognised vocational qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and to gain School Curriculum and Standards Authority course unit credit.  The course is based on nationally endorsed training packages.  To meet the course requirements students must follow the course structure, attain required units of competency and fulfil work placement requirements.  These courses encourage students to engage in a vocational context with senior secondary education, fosters a positive transition from school to work, and provides a structure within which students can prepare for further education, training and employment.

MLC - Senior School Students may study:

  • VET industry-specific Business Services General Course: BSB10112 - Certificate 1 in Business, BSB20112 – Certificate 2 in Business
  • VET industry-specific Sport and Recreation General Course: SIS10112 - Certificate 1 in Sport and Recreation

Endorsed Programs

Endorsed programs offer students the opportunity to use workplace learning, community organisation and personal development programs to further develop the depth and breadth of their senior school studies. Programs may develop skills, knowledge and attitudes for the achievement of personal goals, civic responsibilities and/or improved health and fitness.

MLC - Senior School Students may study:

  • ASDAN Award Programs – including: Workright and Towards Independence Modules
  • Workplace Learning (ADWPL)
  • Right Track, Public Transport Authority
  • Keys for Life, Pre-Driver Education Course
  • Recreational Pursuits, Personal development programs (Community Access)
  • Off-campus Enrichment Program, Personal development program (Camps)

Further Information

If you are in the local in-take area of Melville Senior High School and would like to view Melville Learning Centre it is suggested that you ring the school office and book to attend a whole school tour (tour dates and times can be found on the school website).  When making this booking please let the office staff member know that you would like to tour MLC at the end of the school tour.

Otherwise for further information about Melville Learning Centre please call:
Mrs Janelle Cahoon
(08) 9330 0331