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The Arts

In The Arts learning area students develop creative skills, critical appreciation and knowledge of artistic techniques and technologies in dance, drama, media, music, visual arts and combinations of arts forms. The Arts develop students’ sense of personal and cultural identity and equips them for lifelong involvement in, and appreciation of the arts.

Why Arts Subjects Enhance the Learning Experience

See Interview with Madeline Waller who was a 2014 Perspectives Exhibition finalist at AGWA HERE (go to Minute 1.25).

The Arts provide young people with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies. The learning experiences are real and meaningful for them. While learning in other disciplines may often focus on development of a single skill or talent, the Arts regularly engage multiple skills and abilities. Engagement in the Arts—whether the Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Theatre or other disciplines—nurtures the development of cognitive, social, and personal competencies.


The facilities at the Melville SHS Arts Centre are state-of-the-art and having Graphic Design Media as a Specialist Program allows all students at the school to benefit. Computers, a 3D printer, camera and video equipment are just some of the technologies available.
The Carly Smith Studio is a great space for dance and performances and is used on a daily basis.

Awards and Highlights

Melville SHS is a regular arts award winner. For example here were some highlights from 2015:

  • “Perspectives” exhibition at AGWA - Gemma Kouzinas
  • Southern Perspectives - Happiness Uwingabire, Jason Kim, Zahra Irfani
  • Shaun Tan Art award third place - Beth Culling
  • Royal Show Exhibition National Photographic Exhibition - Year 8s Mia Willis (merit), Yasna Saghaeian, Iffah Salehuddin and Anna Le (Photography), Year 11 - Crystal Long.
  • Young Originals Exhibition  Neisha Phipps, Gemma Kouzinas
  • The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Award Winner - Year 12 Design class
  • City of Melville Sculpture Walk – Stage 1 Year 12 art class selected to exhibit keep
  • Perth Black Swan had two students selected to exhibit - Year 11 Nurul Hazrin, Gemma Kouzinas
  • City of Melville Banner in the Terrace Year 11s - Levi McCombe, Shannon Hevron and Crystal Long.
  • St George Art Awards - Year 11 Neisha Phipps (highly commended), Yr12 Gemma Kouzinas
  • Canning Art Awards - Year 12 Happiness Uwingabire, Maria Anestoudis, Tamesha D’Silva, Gemma Kouzinas Yr8 Mia Willis, Amir Hazrin, Patrick Cockie, Yr9 Gopola Krishnan Yr7 Alisa Arindhani and Harisheni
  • Atwell Art Awards – Winner Year 11 Carla Genovesi Highly Commended Award yr11 Neisha Phipps, Yr8 Ruchida SaenMuang,
  • Doodle for Google competition - Year 8 Stephanie Piercy and Chelsea Cui  (State and Territory Finalists)
  • Melville Art Awards - Year 10 Claire Di Giogio, Claire Domasz, Tammy Chow, India McArdell –Daly,  Jenna? Gislaine Sefu, Giada Salemi Zahra Irfani, Youngwoo Song, Natasha Pecotich
  • Metamorphosis  Highly commended  - Year 11 Carla Genovesi (Art).. Connor Deaville (Design).
  • City of Melville National Youth Week Photographic Exhibition – Year 11s Crystal Long (Winner, 15-17 year old age group), April Matalog (Second Place, 15-17 year old age group).


  • Music Tour to Melbourne
  • Swing Band performed at Murdoch University School of Law graduation and the “Aqua Via on the Swan 20th Anniversary” ceremony
  • Music Brunch
  • Variety Show - 84 students involved
  • Twilight Concert
  • Entered four bands in SIM Festivals


  • South of the River Dance Festival