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Graphic Design Media

Graphic Design Media is already in high demand since starting as a Specialist Program in 2012. Students have highly experienced teachers utilising excellent facilities and industry standard hardware such as iMacs, interactive tablets, the Adobe CC Suite and 3D printers. Our specialist teaching staff have established excellent networks with a wide range of institutions including Murdoch, Curtin and Edith Cowan Universities and the Black Swan Theatre.

Throughout Years 7 to 10 the Graphic Design Media students are offered Master Class opportunities where professionals from the industry work with individuals and groups to extend and enhance their learning experience. These professional designers and media makers constantly visit, lecture and hold workshops during the program, coming from fields as diverse as fashion, printmaking, animation, architecture, interior design, illustration, photography, film making and industrial design to name a few.

Year 7 and 8s attend two sessions a week doubling to four sessions in Years 9 to 10 (from 2019). Projects are drawn from exercises aimed at increasing core skills as well as giving relevant industry context. Over the course of the year, students would normally undertake one major project from each of the four major contexts, which are spatial design, 2 dimensional design, film and time based media and interactive/ photographic media. The projects are diverse and aim to build upon the skills and understandings learned during the previous year.

Design and media are growth industries and the program leads directly to our ATAR pathway courses in Year 11 and 12, which are Design, Visual arts, and Media Production and Analysis courses of studies. Melville SHS students consistently rank amongst the top in the State in these courses.

One of the unique benefits of GDM is that, unlike many other secondary schools, we offer this exciting program from Year 7, thus ensuring creative students are fostered and mentored throughout their entire secondary school education.

Enrolment Details

NOTE: Melville SHS has opened up Specialist testing to Year 5 students. Unsuccessful Year 5 applicants will have the opportunity to sit the test again in Year 6. Students provide a folio and have an interview in Year 6.

 Enrolment in the program involves a testing process when students are in Year 5 and/or 6. This involves an academic test, a folio of art and design work is handed in on testing day and an interview in Semester 1. The folio should showcase the applicant’s creativity in applied art and design tasks such as photography, drawing, cartooning, animation, building websites, clothing design, drawing, film, 3D design and really anything the child has made with a purpose. This work can be hard copy or digital, or a combination of both. More details on what can make up the folio are on the link below. Most folios handed in are A3 slip files, cheap and easily available.

Students in other year groups are welcome to apply to join the program as sometimes vacancies arise. Please contact the teacher in charge for more information.

Students in the program are required to bring their own laptop which is one of their main tools they will be using over the three year duration of the program (though also a very useful tool into upper school). This replaces the iPad that all students are expected to have from Year 7. Advice on what is required is available to applicants from the teacher in charge.

Acceptance into this program is for six years from Years 7-12. If a student does not achieve adequate standards, an interview will be required with the Deputy Principal and students outside the local intake area may not be able to continue at the school.

Graphic Design Media and Music in Focus theory may clash on the grid in Years 9 and 10. If students wish to study both courses, they should discuss options with the Teachers in Charge.

The school encourages all students to undertake intellectual, physical, creative and social activities and is a constant Top Public School Award winner. Many sporting and extra-curricular activities are available allowing students to broaden their horizons. GDM can be a part of your child’s pathway to success.

Entry for 2019
Applications have closed for all programs. Students can apply to be added to a wait list.

 Interviews: 15 to 17 May 2018 (Interviews are in Year 6, so Year 5s who pass the test wait a year before providing their folio and attend an interview).

Entry for 2020
Applications are now open for students in Year 5 and 6 in 2019.

  • The application for Specialist enrolment is HERE
  • The Specialist and Focus Program Prospectus is HERE

A folio is required to be supplied on the day of testing. Information on the folio requirements is HERE 

Students sit one test for entry to all Specialist and Focus courses (no academic test for Netball). The test consists of writing, general abilities and Maths. The test requires no prior study however parents may purchase scholarship books on selective entrance tests that are available in education stores.

If successful in the test you and your child will be sent a letter requesting an interview with the course coordinator. After all student interviews are completed you will be sent a letter confirming the outcome. Interviews will be conducted at an advised time and these times cannot be changed.

For further information please phone 6274 1300.

GDM Parents Support Group
GDM Parents Support Group is an incorporated body that meets twice a term to discuss matters of fundraising, competitions, sponsorship, the direction of the program and to give feedback to the staff. Fundraising by the Parent Support Group has provided students with the opportunity to participate in Master classes and purchase media technology such as cameras.

Contact Details

Reception: (08) 6274 1300
Absentee hotline (recorded message): (08) 6274 1322
Student Services Office: (08) 6274 1321
Absentee text line: 0419 915 097
Address: Melville Senior High School
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