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Specialist Programs

Approved Specialist Programs

Melville SHS offers three Approved Specialist programs: Aviation, Graphic Design Media and Netball. Selection into a specialist program is via school based testing and/or interview. Details are available on our school’s website or alternatively please don’t hesitate to contact our school reception and your call will be directed to the person best qualified to answer your queries.

NOTE: Melville SHS has opened up Specialist testing to Year 5 students. Unsuccessful Year 5 applicants will have the opportunity to sit the test again in Year 6.

Acceptance into this program is for six years from Years 7-12. If a student withdraws from the program before then or they do not achieve adequate standards, an interview will be required with the Deputy Principal and students outside the local intake area may not be able to continue at the school.

 There are opportunities for other age groups to be tested for top-up vacancies as they arise.

Students can study two Specialist programs (plus AEC or Gifted and Talented), however there are two clashes on the timetable:
- Graphic design Media and Music cannot be studied together (GDM and Music as an option can be an alternative - see Music section for more information)
- Netball and Aviation cannot be studied together


Melville SHS awards ten scholarships to Year 7 Specialist Programs and GAT. $500 (discounted from Contributions and Charges) is awarded at the winner's Primary School assembly. There are two scholarships for: Aviation, GDM, Netball, Music in Focus and GAT)

School Based Extension Programs

Melville SHS also offers two highly acclaimed school based extension programs namely the Academic Extension Course (AEC) and the Music in Focus Program.

How to Apply

Students sit one test for entry to all Specialist and School Based courses (no academic test for Netball). The test consists of writing, general abilities and Maths. The test requires no prior study. If successful in the test you and your child will be sent a letter requesting an interview with the course co-ordinator.

Note: Testing for Specialist and School Based Programs mentioned above is seperate to the Gifted and Talented (G&T) Program testing outlined below. It is advised that G&T aspirants apply to test for both.

Entry in 2017
Applications have closed for all programs. Students can apply to be added to a wait list.

Entry in 2018-19
Applications are now open for students in Year 5 and 6 in 2017. 
Dates - See individual program areas on this website for details on dates.

  • The application for Specialist enrolment is HERE
  • The Specialist and Focus Program Prospectus is HERE

Gifted and Talented Selective Academic Program

The G&T Program is not a School Based Selection Program. To register your child for Gifted and Talented (GAT) testing you need to apply to the Department of Education:

How to Apply for GAT HERE

For more information go to the Gifted and Talented Tab on the home page.